Is it Cool if I Throw Your Baby Off This Roof?

The magic of a place like India is that, with over a billion people living in it, there is a high chance that someone, somewhere is doing the stupidest thing you can possibly imagine. Even if you were forced to sit down and imagine the stupidest thing possible, however, it’s not certain that you would come up with the concept of throwing hundreds of babies off a roof.

Nonetheless, campaigners in Karnataka face on uphill struggle in trying to ban the annual event which couples hope will bring the child good luck, or at least a penchant for bungee jumping in later life. Here’s a video. Look how much fun they’re having:

Prior to his death (and subsequent canonisation by the guilt-ridden, short-term-memory-inflicted morons of the world), there was one man who flirted with the idea of throwing babies from high places but even his diseased brain was able to stop himself from letting go. His antics were a bit tame in comparison.


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