ULFA Terrorists on Shaky Ground

UPDATED (14 Jan 09)

For reasons of massive copyright infringement, I have pulled the copy of my Jane’s Intelligence Weekly article down from this post and shoved up this rush-job of a precis:

The basic gist of it was that Bangladesh is co-operating with India in arresting militants that use it as a staging ground for operations in India. This led to the arrest of Arabinda Rajkhowa in December, chairman of the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA), which leaves only Paresh Barua still at large (somewhere in Myanmar probably).

The important development here is Bangladesh’s willingness to help out on this score since the election of Prime Minister Sheik Hasina in 2008, not least because they don’t want to end up down the same road as Pakistan.

Meanwhile, despite the arrests, the northeast of India will continue to be hit by terrorist attacks and riven with insurgency, because it’s mostly lawless bandit country as a result of chronic corruption and poverty, over which it is easy to slap a few ethnic-separatist justifications for violence.


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