Goa Politician Plays the Rape Card

I’ve got a piece in The Guardian’s Comment is Free section about Goa’s unfortunate reputation for high-profile rape cases and some idiotic things said by a local politician:

When I was talking to a well-established journalist friend in Mumbai the other day, he ran through what stories one might expect from different regions in India. Mumbai was good for business stories; Delhi for political and military goings-on; the northeast for insurgencies and corruption. As for Goa, there were rape stories and … he paused … “No, that’s it. Goa is rape stories.”

Despite the air of facetiousness, he was not joking, and the Goan government is acutely aware of this emerging image crisis. There is the unresolved murder of UK schoolgirl Scarlett Keeling in February 2008, the alleged rape of a 14-year-old German girl in October 2008, and in the last month the claims by a 25-year-old Russian woman that she was raped by a well-known politician.

Read the rest here…


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