Indian Military Man: Oh Dear…

No sooner have I put up my last post suggesting that perhaps the problems between India and Pakistan need some serious confidence-building and attempts to soothe Pakistan’s frayed nerves, than I realise what a limp-wristed liberal I really am.

The answer, according to a retired major general from the Indian army is far simpler. If your neighbour is so worried about you that he feels the need to allow militant cells to operate from his territory, then the way to make him feel better is to bomb the living crap out of him.

The initial response to Pakistan-sponsored terror attacks could be air power and naval power or special forces centric. These should be just, focused, precise and proportionate responses that serve as warning shots and place the onus of further escalation squarely on Pakistan.


And if that doesn’t jack up the Pakistani public into a frothing rage and ensure a rapid enough collapse of its government or perhaps a military coup that places the most India-phobic and trigger-happy people back in power, then how about this for a terrifying suggestion.

It is time India called Pakistan’s nuclear bluff.

Christ. You don’t get that every day in your morning paper. To be fair, the author doesn’t go into much detail on what that would involve. Mostly buying more weapons, making a bigger army, that kind of thing by the sounds of it.

Well done, Times of India.


One response to “Indian Military Man: Oh Dear…

  1. well the article is a perfect example of ignorance……
    this is the wrong side of democracy where idiots are allowed to write … and even vote

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