Sui-Glide Bombers

India spends a great deal of time being tensed for another terrorist attack but there has been some serious tightening of late, with a slew of reports in recent months letting everyone know they will all be blown up in some way or another very soon.

Clearly, the threat is real. India experienced a 2009 free from Pakistan-sourced terrorism (although plenty of Maoist and separatist violence), but Pakistan’s failure to effectively clamp down on militants in its midst means there are plenty of people itching for another high-profile attack. Today, security was heightened at airports amid claims that Lashkar-e-Toiba was planning to hit an airline, and just a few days ago arrested militant Amjad Khwaja, of Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islam, told interrogators something similar.

But is it just me catching a waft of the ridiculous about today’s other big announcement: that LeT militants have bought 50 paragliders in Germany for use in a suicide attack. I know we live in an age where terrorists are forced to resort to shoving the explosives in their underpants or even up their arse, but there is something just a little bit silly about picturing these guys learning how to paraglide, especially since the only paragliding instructors I’ve met have been irritating Live-for-the-Rush hippies. On the other hand, if they can get hold of someone like Patrick Swayze in Point Break, then they might be on to something…

[I’m ready to eat my words – assymetric enemies are nothing if not speedy innovators, after all]


3 responses to “Sui-Glide Bombers

  1. chris mccandless

    “the only paragliding instructors I’ve met have been irritating Live-for-the-Rush hippies”

    how many have you met? probably none. What do you live for Eric Randolph? Blabbering your meaningless brain vomit on this blog because it is the only place it can be published? I wasted my time reading your brain vomit.

  2. Since you asked Chris – I can’t help but give you a bit more brain vomit.
    I’ve met 2 paragliding instructors, which admittedly is not a very good sample, and I bet there are lots of them that are just awesome. But the two I met were massive dickheads.
    As for what I live for, Chris: it used to be the hope that one day I would write a blog in which some random stranger would get really weirdly personal and aggressive for no particular reason (all the good IR bloggers have them), but I achieved that at 4.44pm so I guess there’s nothing left.

  3. Uh oh. And yet another blog gets hijacked by hysterical paragliding trolls.. These guys are worse than the 9/11 conspiracy theorists.

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