Yep, More Guns – That’s Always the Best Thing To Do

The Wall Street Journal reports that India is in the process of evolving its own version of America’s National Rifle Association, an organisation built around the good news that there are few problems in the world that can’t be solved by shooting people in the face.

There’s also a link to Indians For Guns (a phrase which also neatly sums up the trade-off being made by the government when it spends $28.9 billion on weapons procurement while providing so little food that 46% of its children are malnourished, with the highest rate of stunted growth in the world.)

When I visited Indians For Guns, I was met with a wonderful mix of discussion topics that included “My First Pistol”, “8×57 Cartridge Clarification”, and best of all, “Happy Birthday Timmy”, which was surely (God, I hope so) a joke but included this wonderful exchange:

Vikram: Friends, lets wish our friend Timmy a very happy birthday and a lot of guns and happy moments afield. :D

m24: Many many happy returns of the day, Tim. Vikram, he already has lots of guns. :) Tim, here’s wishing you own guns that you haven’t owned yet.

Timmy: Gentlemen, thanks so much! … As far as having lots of guns, I have been particularly blessed in this area. Not as much as some, perhaps, but certainly I have no reason to complain.

All in all, a good excuse for this:


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