The United States of India?

Here’s an amusing article from a former American diplomat on how he thinks India should approach the next decade. It’s actually quite touchingly tragic. Basically, he wants India to be the new America – build up a massive navy, create its own Monroe Doctrine (against China rather than Europe this time) and find its “own Teddy Roosevelt”. There’s no suggestion that India try to fashion its own path for the 21st century. The poor man is deeply nostalgic for the days when America was a rich, ass-kicking, upcoming power, and he’s clearly hoping to relive that vicariously through India.

India has the fourth largest navy in the world—in terms of manpower. But wars are won by tonnage, not by headcount. In tonnage, India’s navy is currently seventh, behind France and at one half of China’s strength. India needs to be among the top three in navy: at par with China and behind only the US.

Hmm, that sounds quite expensive. Let’s hope no one’s listening.

[h/t Naxalite Rage]


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