The Who The What and The Where Now?

I can’t help linking to this story which is only a couple of hours old as I write. Apparently Jammu University is closed “indefinitely” after students ran amok, demanding they be allowed to answer “any question” they like in the examinations.

This has to rank right up there among news stories that pose more questions than they answer. Indefinitely – really?! Any question – what?

Because Indians are news junkies in a way that people in other countries are not, the media here has a terrible habit of failing to give the background to a story and leaving things like acronyms un-deciphered, assuming that everyone knows them (which I suppose, apart from me, they probably do): “The DGR-CSM was charge-sheeted for his role in the Andalucia incident last Friday after giving evidence to the HPNTWOS.” And so forth. Anyway, hopefully someone else will write about this Jammu Uni incident soon, and I’ll get some clue what’s going on.


7 responses to “The Who The What and The Where Now?

  1. Re acronyms, I found this the chief impediment to extracting maximum value from central African newspapers. Wish I had some examples to hand but it took months sometimes to decipher particularly obscure codes.

  2. Quite. I wish I’d had a newspaper to hand when I wrote this since the real thing would be much more amusing than something I made up. I day-dream about marching in and demanding a job as chief sub-editor.

  3. STFU! You mean HPNTWOS isn’t real?

  4. Hmm… I’ve never associated the occasional (or frequent) lack of explanation or context in the Indian media with a nation of uber news consumers. I always thought it was just sloppy journalism. You may be on to something.

  5. I’m almost definitely being too kind to the press. They are shockingly sloppy at times (mis-spelling in a headline the other day!).

    But as an outsider, I definitely feel like I’ve walked into a conversation between people who know all the details already and can’t be bothered to go through it all from scratch for me.

  6. I do recall that most people on the street I asked to explain particular acronyms and abbreviations were clueless as to their real identity.

  7. India and acronyms. It’s like NGOs conspired with the military to create something even more horrific. Heh.

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