“Revolutionary Violence” versus “Deliberately Severing Limbs”

Posting has been light while I’m working and lying around and not posting enough. While I get back in gear, here’s a really excellent article by Dilip Semeon which starts off being about Naxalites and Indian revolutionaries, but goes on to be about the whole structure of violence and how it is justified by people claiming to act for people’s good.

Here’s a couple of excerpts:

The term revolutionary violence tends to disguise reality. If we were to say ’accidentally killing children; deliberately severing the limbs of, murderously assaulting and beheading certain people will definitely result in a happy future for humanity’, things might look different.

The world over, terror has become a seamless whole, connecting the CIA with jehadis, Pakistan with Al Qaida, the Indian government with the RSS, Indira Gandhi with Bhindranwale, Rajiv Gandhi with Prabhakaran, Assamese politicians with ULFA, Mumbai’s elite with the Thackeray mafia, the British defence industry with Indonesian militias, Putin with Russian hitmen, the Chinese communists with Pol Pot and Burmese generals, Israeli Mossad with Palestinian Hamas. Indian politicians maintain links with Naxalites: not for dialogue, but mutual benefit. As boundaries, definitions and morals proceed from ambivalence towards meaninglessness, the only choice remaining is which god to invoke, which weapons to use, which civilians to kill. Which deaths to mourn and which to celebrate.

Read the rest here…


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