The India Shuffle #2

PIONEER – Subhash Kashyap argues that India could yet see a repeat of the 1975 Emergency, particularly in light of the Maoist threat, and that the country has never fully protected itself against another seizure of power by the executive.

BIBEK DEBROY – argues that India is experiencing a ‘grain drain’ in which companies are being encouraged to buy up land in Africa to increase agricultural output, even though there is plenty of land available in India, if only the government could unravel the red tape and improve irrigation, storage and distribution.

HINDUSTAN EXPRESS – A group of activists from the People’s Committee Against Police Atrocities in West Bengal have been arrested for allegedly providing medical treatment to Maoists.

REDIFF – India to set up a committee to look at increasing economic ties with the US ahead of Obama’s visit in November. India is hoping the US will invest $250 – 300 billion in investment in its infrastructure.

THE HINDU – World Bank aid to India is set to reach $9.3 billion.

INDIAN EXPRESS – Colonel killed in gun battle with J&K militants – the highest ranking casualty this year.

OUTLOOK – UN reckons India will have halved the 1990 poverty rate by 2015, in line with its Millennium Goal

INDIAN EXPRESS – New Communal Violence Bill gives right to information and a role in subsequent investigations.

DNA – Jaswant Singh, the former external affairs minister that was sacked from the BJP for writing a book that dared to suggest Jinnah was not the devil, is brought back into the fold.


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