The India Shuffle #3

BBC – Were “fake killings” of three men on the Pakistan border part of a conspiracy by elements of the Indian army to stir up trouble? That seems to be the suggestion in this BBC story.

WSJ – Fuel prices were finally deregulated after several months of deliberation. The left-wing parties are not happy about and the extreme left have added it to their list of grievances for the two-day bandh due on 30 June. The BJP in Uttar Pradesh have waded in with their own 3-day protest for July.

AL JAZEERA – More Kashmir protests as two young men are killed by paramilitaries, who fired on stone-throwers.

PTI – Pakistan interior minister claims India and Bangladesh would be next if the Taliban take over Pakistan.

INDIAN EXPRESS – The government is looking at the possibility of combining its rural work guarantee scheme with its health insurance for those below the poverty line.

INDIAN EXPRESS – ULFA negotiations on right track, according to state government.


2 responses to “The India Shuffle #3

  1. This is a useful series. Not much to comment, but you might like knowing that one reader appreciates your efforts.

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