The India Shuffle #4

BBC – Another Maoist attack in Chhattisgarh – this time killing 26 police in an ambush as they returned from a road-opening ceremony. This is the 3rd large-scale attack on police in the area as many months.

OUTLOOK – Nandini Sundar on the use of rape by India’s paramilitaries. Plus, another string of arrests, this time in Gujarat, of people fighting for tribal rights and then accused of being Maoists.

TIMES OF INDIA – Congress actually stops one of its own MPs, Naveen Jindal, from building an illegal power plant in Chattisgarh. A positive sign.

THE GUARDIAN – Is India trying to pressure a Nepalese newspaper it doesn’t like by withholding supplies?

JANE’S –India is attempting to reform its Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in a bid to reduce its defence imports, which currently account for 70% of the total, and increase the domestic share of acquisitions (worth $50 billion for 2007-12). The failure to involve the services and radically reform the bureaucratic systems mean the reforms will probably fail. [Paywall]

IDSA – Slightly muddled take on India’s failure to compete with the US, China and Russia in the new Great Game for Central Asian energy and trade, that argues for an emphasis on peace, cultural linkages and the construction of a new university. Since India has its own higher education problems, this might be a bit ambitious.

INDIAN EXPRESS – An overview of the Lokayukta, India’s anti-corruption body and its shortcomings.

THE GUARDIAN – Hamid Karzai is increasingly moving towards the ISI and the idea that Pakistan can deliver a deal with the Taliban and the Haqqani network – not good for India.

JASON BURKE on the Kashmir killings that might be all about earning bonuses, rather than the conspiracy I suggested yesterday.

Note: I changed the name to something slightly more original. I like it for its connotations of both Apple and doing a little dance with Indian news. In a fit of Stalinist revisionism, I’ve also gone back and changed previous post titles.


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