10 Stories From The Past Year

Here’s 10 stories that I wrote in the last year.

‘When I got to my village, all the houses had been burned’
Irish Times, 16 April
Accounts of the brutal anti-Maoist militia unleashed on villagers in Chhattisgarh.

The Marichjhapi Massacre & the End of the Left
Current Intelligence, 16 May
Taking the long view on the end of three decades of Communist rule in West Bengal.

Brutal world of India’s political prisoners
The National, 22 May
Meeting the families in Junglemahal whose sons were rounded up and tortured for their alleged role in the Jnaneswari train attack that killed 148 people.

The coal-cycle wallahs of Jharkhand, pushing 300kg for 30km to earn $3
The National, 27 June
Pushing coal in India’s mining belt.

Yoga works where bribes failed in bringing ex-Maoist out of Indian jungle
The National, 28 June
One man’s story of how he got out of the Maoist organisation thanks to the Art of Living Foundation.

The Supreme Court Ventures Into the Heart of Darkness
Current Intelligence, 13 July
My thoughts on the supreme court judgement banning the Salwa Judum militia in Chhattisgarh. A victory wrapped up in inadvertent colonialism.

The Love Commandos: an Indian group dedicated to helping young lovers
The National, 18 September
The volunteers rescuing young Romeos and Juliets from the clutches of disapproving families.

Dr Bang brings modern maternity care to Indian’s isolated tribal communities
The National, 5 October
A revolutionary way of helping young mothers and babies in remote villages.

Two tribes battle for control in India’s Manipur state
Manipur insurgencies leave legacy of widows and orphans
The National, 16-17 October
Two-parter on the blockades that crippled the northeastern state of Manipur for several months this year, and the impact of decades of insurgency in the region.

Rogue elephant terrorises villagers
The National, 10 December
Shrinking habitats are causing increasingly violent clashes between man and elephant in the foothills of the Himalayas.
For a short time, this had a much better headline:

Too much of the local home-brew is causing some strange sightings...



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