Savile case points to the fallacy of ‘stranger danger’

The National, Nov 3, 2012

LONDON // After years of misplaced fears about “stranger danger”, experts hope that the torrent of child abuse allegations against children’s TV presenter, Jimmy Savile, will teach Britain that the real threat comes from people in positions of authority.

How Savile was able to avoid the allegations during his lifetime has fascinated and baffled the British public, with the story barely leaving the front pages of newspapers for the past month.

But experts such as Dennis Green, a child protection consultant with a firm called RWA, want the Savile case to “highlight the need to ensure there are proper protections for children in large organisations like the BBC”.

“I hope the Savile case will make people realise there is a much greater threat from people in positions of authority than from the weirdo in a scruffy mac stood outside the school gates,” he said.

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